Simple and easy to follow makeup tutorials for black women and women of color! All things makeup, cosmetics, natural hair and protective styling; such as hair clips, wigs, extensions, and much more found on this informative blog.
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My name is Valerie and I'm a Christian, Wife, Mother of two gorgeous little girls,  Friend, Beauty Blogger, natural hair Vlogger and Youtuber: "TheMindCatcher". Most importantly, I'm willing to teach and learn everything there is to know about the beauty world, from the latest and best brands of makeup, to the most fabulous Natural hair products. I especially love giving my women of color a face to recognize in the beauty world.

 Natural Hair, Natural Hair styling, Natural hair conditioner recipes, even Natural Hair Products are discussed here!

 Dramatic eye makeup, eye makeup ideas, and Glitter eye shadow techniques are all right here!
 The Best Concealer, Best foundation for black women, Primer makeup and Youtube Makeup Tutorials galore!

 Applying eye shadow, how to cut crease makeup, and step by step smokey eye tutorials you can't miss!

 Natural makeup tutorial, makeup collection, hauls, Hair tutorials and more!

Transition styles for natural hair, the big chop, understanding your hair type, before and after pictures, Hairstyles for kids with natural hair.......all right here:o)

"I think the most important thing to know about the beauty industry is that you're as beautiful as you feel. So, having a super great attitude about yourself and confidence in everything that you do is key to inner beauty. Let's work together in pulling that beautiful individual out and showing them off to the world!"

I can't wait to share all of my makeup tutorials with you, I make sure to take my time and explain each step thoroughly. I know you'll love my reviews on products that you know very well and some you may not have heard of...I love trying new things, but hey, sometimes you don't have to recreate the wheel (If you know what I mean).

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